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Katherine H. is now a twenty-seven year old woman but in her late teens and during her University life, she suffered from mysterious, unexplained symptoms that affected her daily life. These included stomach pains, which were discomforting, but then progressed on to ailments such as fainting spells and tiredness, or her hair falling out, and severe joint pains which made it not only difficult to get out of bed but to go about daily life.

Can you imagine waking up first thing in the morning and that before you have even got ready for work the first part of your life is a struggle? Now we don’t mean the “I don’t feel like going to work” thoughts. Most of us will commonly have those, because there simply are days when our energy levels are low, we don’t feel like going to work, we feel unfulfilled because there may have been things we have been thinking of doing but can’t fit them all in. Or maybe even things such as lousy weather outside may lead us to reconsider our commute to work. We don’t mean all those kinds of thoughts in Katherine’s case. We are talking about having to run through debilitating pain just to be able to walk out the front door. The type where getting to arrive to the hard part of the day (i.e. work) is difficult enough – these are thoughts that people with daily long commutes, or disabled wheelchair users hammvemm to deal with.

Katherine’s pains worsened and finally she decided to visit her GP to seek a solution.

Obviously we are faced with dilemmas from time to time. To go in to work or not to go in to work? To see a doctor or not see a doctor? Perhaps the thing to remember is to go with your head. If you have been unwell for long periods, something probably needs checking out. Don’t put it off by saying “I feel okay today”. Likewise if you don’t feel like going to work, just because you feel that way doesn’t mean you should act on your impulses. Go with what you know – if you are healthy, you can do it. The Romantic movement in music may have taught you to go with how you feel, and to be led by your impulses and feelings as if it were the human thing to do, but act on such advice with caution!