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Happy New Year!

A new year is something to celebrate. It suggests doing away with the old hubris, sweeping aside the old year and starting on a clean slate. Starting afresh is good for the mind and the spirit. If you were to live life on a chronological basis from the time you were born, and catalogued and totalled up all your past mistakes, you might think that it is impossible to ever do good because your mistakes would be too many! Starting afresh is the only chance we have for a positive direction in life.

One of the ways people like to start the new year and mark it is by making resolutions. A resolution is a promise or a way of indicating how you would like to live at least the way ahead, and give yourself some direction. It is not surprising that within social circles people often get asked, “What are your New Year’s Resolutions?” Note that the term always comes in the plural, because hardly anyone who makes resolutions ever only makes one to adhere to. To do so would be slightly pompous, as if to suggest that one’s life is so perfect that no other positive change is needed.

Sometimes looking to do “new” things can lead to new changes, ones that positively impact our lives. For example, Johannes Gutenberg, the famous inventor of the printing press, had looked at presses which were used for grapes in the productions of wine, and with fresh perspectives, realised he could use them for printing music. Without this spark of inspiration, he might have never come up with his invention, one that allowed books to be cheaply mass-produced and music to be circulated widely throughout the Western world. (You can read more about this from the Piano Teachers N10 blog.)

Perhaps this could be your New Year’s Resolution. In 2019, let your mind be open to new creative perspectives. Let your eyes be open to new ways of doing things. And who knows, perhaps you will come up with the next new invention, and harken a new way of life for yourself!