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Why do people go on holiday? There are many reasons. One is perhaps the fact that people have the time to do so. In certain jobs, there is a compulsory requirement to use up one’s annual leave, or it will be swallowed up and forfeited. So those who have, for example, two weeks worth of holiday, paid for by the company, use it. After all, it makes no difference to your paycheck whether you try to impress your boss by sacrificing your leave days and turning to work, or not going in. Either way, you get paid. And it would actually be counter productive in terms of impressing your employer, because rather than giving the impression that you are a hard worker, you would be radiating the impression that you are one to be taken advantage of. Might as well use the time to do some travelling, or something out of the ordinary, because there may be a time when you want a break from work, and circumstances will not allow you to. For example, you may have run out of annual leave, or your work place may not grant it to you because of a projected busy period.

When you are away from holiday it would be a good thing to try and get a break from routine as far as possible. After all, that is the purpose of the holiday. But many of us who go on holiday still maintain our usual routines. These include the checking of emails and social media, which are not that great pursuits to have – the obsessive checking for updates breeds dependency and frustration, as we are always in a heightened state of tension and urgency.

Your phone may be your arm candy, and may be like a counterpart in your life (like a piano that plays the words in a song, such as in Adele’s Someone Like You), but while it is an accompanying item, make sure it has an accompanying and secondary role! Don’t elevate your phone, emails, or work routine to the point of omnipotence in your life! Keep it under control!